Consulting is a sacred act.

It is an intimate experience and an act of the highest calling to be able to work with companies through shifts of transformation.

We don’t have the answers. You do. There is not one solution–there is your solution. Through our work with businesses, The Elmfield Institute listens and supports you to engage more deeply, relate more authentically, and embrace the realities which form your uniqueness. Together, we work to bring light to the shadows, make the unknown known and leverage your greatest assets to achieve your goals.

The Elmfield Institute works with businesses through a modality we call depth consulting, weaving together wisdom from depth psychology and conventional business management practices to offer a trans-disciplinary form of developmental support to strengthen the direction of your organization.

We believe consulting is a sacred act.

As part of our consulting services, we offer support through:


We work intimately with your organization, working to gain full knowledge and comprehension about the business.


Once we have an idea of where the business is, we work to meet you there and begin working together towards change.


As your partner along the way, we work at your side to provide change management and implementation resources.


As your organization aligns with your purpose, The Elmfield Institute works with you to keep stakeholders engaged and confident.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you could connect deeply with the source of your own story and use that knowledge to make a change.


Why Coaching Works

Recently, I was talking with a client about relationship challenges he’s been having with his housemate. After summarizing the conversation and telling me about some of the recurring conflicts, he asked, “What if I’m the problem?”

What You Notice Becomes Your Life

Poet Michael Chitwood once wrote, “What you notice becomes your life.” What we bring awareness to has a way of gifting us things we may otherwise be unaware of. Even the loving, challenging, hard and painful “gifts” are so essential to our ongoing vitality, growth, and overall fitness of heart and mind.

The Coach as Gardner

Being a coach is like being a gardener. When the client arrives they come with a goal in mind and are seeking support to achieve that goal. The work begins with establishing trust between the coach and the client. This initial process is like preparing the soil so that whatever is attempting to be grown (the goal) will have a healthy/nutrient rich environment where the growth and bloom can be full as possible.

Some Advice on Seeking Advice

In a previous post, I wrote about the importance of seeking advice from others when looking for work or navigating a career path. Outside advice can be especially useful when you’re really lost, in the wilderness so to speak, and have no idea where you are going or how to get there. It can also be useful for those who are on surer footing and have a clearer direction of their career paths.

On being in the wilderness

Looking back at the past 20 years or so of my professional life, I can see a discernable pattern. Generally, long stretches of work and productivity are followed by prolonged stretches of no work and lack of productivity, at least in the conventional sense of the word. (There’s also the school of thought that the only patterns in life are ones that you make up yourself to fit a self-narrative. But for argument’s sake, let’s just say I see a pattern.) This all began after I finished graduate school and started looking for work in the field of international relations.

The Heart and Science of Listening

Lasting change often comes from thoughtful, integrated and organized efforts. I believe it all starts with listening to ourselves and to one another. The following is my story about how the best plan is often […]

  • Testimonials

    “Excellent job and very practical advice for all markets & all clients. I believe I could learn a lot from you.”

  • Testimonials

    “I’d like to take a moment to recognize the exceptional work Elmfield does every day to shape a work environment in which I and my colleagues can be successful.”

  • Testimonials

    “I benefit from their careful, nonjudgmental listening, thoughtful reflection, support and encouragement for initiatives. They celebrate successes, but also gives me much-needed reality-checks, problem-solving support, and direct, honest, timely, constructive feedback. Most importantly, they make me and my team feel valued, cherished and treasured.”

  • Testimonials

    “I also would like to recognize Elmfield’s work to improve our culture company-wide. They bring discipline and open dialog to the process of better integrating values to the tools we use.”

  • Testimonials

    “Elizabeth has been a “fixer” for project teams with toxic interpersonal dynamics, transforming dysfunctional teams into high-performing ones by taking the time to understand, surface and address latent dynamics. She does the hard work of calling people out on behaviors that negatively impact colleagues, because “what you tolerate is what you promote” – and she creates a psychologically safe environment.”

  • Testimonials

    “Elmfield brings a unique constellation to the table – law, business development, non-profits, healthcare, CEO and key leader positions, depth work – with years of practical experience. Intuitive. Capable of profound and authentic work. With the self-composure, confidence, and articulation to push boundaries and challenge people. They do all of these things with a very special quality – an empathic wisdom that is grounded in the simple, yet profound fact that they walk their talk. This is an incredibly rare and essential ingredient to effecting lasting, deep, and comprehensive transformation.”

  • Testimonials

    “Elmfield brings the effectiveness, education, and leadership to inspire and initiate change in people. The depth lens allows them to understand the role of the unseen in the work and people’s histories, and actually see what is really going on.”

  • Testimonial

    “One word- masterful. (actually two words – fabulous)”

  • Testimonials

    “In six months with Elmfield transformed me from a manager into a leader”

  • Testimonials

    “I have been meaning to send you a note about your incredible work with our team. Your contribution to has been was one of the most meaningful and helpful in my career. Your team hit the mark on so many levels. I learned something from each of you and now know how to use that wisdom to continue to improve our work, our relationships, our work with our clients, etc.”

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