Immersion is an opportunity for shared wellbeing.

We are working to effect change in our communities.

The Elmfield Institute is working to effect change in our communities by providing access to opportunities and collective creative experiences that invite transformation, awareness and deeper understanding on the path to wellbeing as we journey toward a return to Source.

Community Organizing



Performance Art

Waking the Oracle: A mythical musical meditation for the planet

Waking the Oracle is a co-production of The Elmfield Institute and The Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at the George Washington University devised and directed by Molly Jane Udaya Sturges, Artistic Director of the Elmfield Insitute and William Corcoran Visiting Professor.

Waking the Oracle (WTO) is a new creative activation at the intersection of participatory art/music, ecology, community building, and spirituality. Developed in residence at Corcoran School of Art and Design/George Washington University by Willian Corcoran Visiting Professor, Molly Jane Udaya Sturges and students, Waking The Oracle is a 60 minutes immersive, mythical musical meditation addressing climate change in a unique way incorporating story, movement, and digital design. Waking The Oracle is a love song to the planet and debuts October 31, November 1-3 at George Washington University.

Oracle can be staged anywhere and incorporates the creation of new myths responding to critical social issues in each community. The foundational music includes field biology recordings upon a bed of recorded and live unbroken music. Oracle has three parts: 1) Music and video template incorporating field biology recordings; 2) Live music/songs composed with participants in workshops or classes; and 3) live improvisational elements performed by Molly Sturges and Oracle music director Rod Demmings responding uniquely to each environment and host site. The experience is immersive and audience members can move around as they like. A family-friendly event Oracle is created uniquely in each place upon a template that encourages connection, reflection and inspiration. Oracle in DC dives into the mythical through animating the bust of George Washington and the hippo statue on the GWU campus. The piece gives George a second chance at having a body to learn to live in a balanced and respectful way with the planet.

Waking the Oracle is created from the many lessons and insights gained working over nine years on the music, community building, and climate change project, Firerock ( which was developed with hundreds of people in community workshops around the country.



Writing as a harbinger of wellness

From a young age, writing has bridged my relationship between myself and the world around me. I cannot remember exactly when I decided to become a journalist. I would say it was in my teens when the fire of puberty erupted within and spurred my wish for change, for impact, for influence as part of my entangled expression in and with the planet. Writing was a harbinger of wellness in that it funnelled somewhat confused meanderings onto a page…

Walking Each Other Home

Using creativity as a lamplight in the darkness. That is what most artists use as their way to either process for themselves or to help illuminate a need, feeling, sorrow, or joy, etc. Often, the latter is brought about by the collective soul of the community needing that light as a help to guide them out of some kind of darkness, or at least bring comfort and sometimes hope.

Social isolation affects us all

Social isolation affects us all, albeit in different ways. Dobzhansky (1962) said that “the fittest may also be the gentlest, because survival often requires mutual help and co-operation.” This speaks to how we can support ourselves through our relationships with others, even if this has to be online or by phone.

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