Deep engagment in Wellean™ Approach practices for businesses and individuals

Depth Consulting

At the Elmfield Institute we weave together wisdom from depth psychology and conventional business management practices to offer a trans-disciplinary form of developmental support, grounded in the foundational principles of the Wellean™ Approach. For more information please contact us

For Businesses

Achieving a lasting, deep, and comprehensive transformation means living out and practicing an open culture consistently. For businesses this takes courage, vision, self-awareness and the confidence to push boundaries.

Our business consulting team will challenge you and your team to develop resilience, transform your approach, and engage deeply with inner and outer resources harnessing creativity and enabling new ways of thinking. Applying their in-depth knowledge and insights into operations, strategy, implementation, technology, marketing, design and finance, they work with you to uncover opportunities through a dynamic combination of deep listening, resourceful solutioning, and dynamic entrepreneurial creativity.

At Elmfield our foundational principles stream from our Wellean™ ethos.

Listening, relating, adapting, empowering, immersing, flowing, tending – Acknowledging the Source

For Individuals

At Elmfield our coaches are committed to helping individuals resource and express their full potential. We work one-on-one to incubate and amplify the work of innovators (artists, entrepreneurs, business and community leaders) and other motivated individuals, enabling them to develop and scale ideas, implement delivery to greater audiences, and evolve a sense of holistic well-being.

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