Everything is movable with the right intersection of tension and flexibility.

Is your organization stuck on solving a problem preventing your growth?

 The problems you are experiencing now are the period at the end of a story that started long ago.

It takes courage, intuition, curiosity and kindness to find the answers. We don’t have the answers. You do. But you may be spending so much time focused on solving the problem in front of you, that you can’t see what is hidden within.

The Elmfield Institute delivers a safe, conscious and collaborative consulting process that creates the necessary pathways to find solutions to the real issues holding you back, as well as the answers to solve them.

Together through a process of illumination and conscious consulting, we can uncover them together and light the way for clarity and wellbeing throughout your organization.

  • “Elmfield brings a unique constellation to the table – law, business development, non-profits, healthcare, CEO and key leader positions, depth work – with years of practical experience. Intuitive. Capable of profound and authentic work. With the self-composure, confidence, and articulation to push boundaries and challenge people. They do all of these things with a very special quality – an empathic wisdom that is grounded in the simple, yet profound fact that they walk their talk. This is an incredibly rare and essential ingredient to effecting lasting, deep, and comprehensive transformation.”

  • “I benefit from their careful, nonjudgmental listening, thoughtful reflection, support and encouragement for initiatives. They celebrate successes, but also gives me much-needed reality-checks, problem-solving support, and direct, honest, timely, constructive feedback. Most importantly, they make me and my team feel valued, cherished and treasured.”

What does this mean for your business?

Our proven model of analysis, transformation, implementation and buoyancy can create and sustain enlightenment for your business and an illumination toward the path to greater wellbeing for your organization.

Vision, Analysis & Strategy
Organizational Assessment & Roadmap
Environmental Scans
Root Cause & Gap Analysis
Strategic Foresight: Organizational & Functional Strategy
Organizational Design & Metrics
Business Model Transformation

Program/System Design & Metrics
Integrated Sustainability Metrics
Change Management
Organizational Wellness: Leader, Team, Culture Development
Executive Coaching


Writing as a harbinger of wellness

From a young age, writing has bridged my relationship between myself and the world around me. I cannot remember exactly when I decided to become a journalist. I would say it was in my teens when the fire of puberty erupted within and spurred my wish for change, for impact, for influence as part of my entangled expression in and with the planet. Writing was a harbinger of wellness in that it funnelled somewhat confused meanderings onto a page…

Fear or Excitement?

This has been a year of upheaval, change and uncertainty. There certainly is reason to be afraid and worried about what the future will hold. At the same time, I think it is worth asking ourselves, are we truly afraid or excited? Physiologically speaking, the body doesn’t experience a difference between fear and excitement.

Evidence of the power of story in healthcare

I have never met Natoma Canfield, but I am unlikely to forget her story. Natoma is a woman with cancer who had dutifully paid her health insurance premiums over the years she was healthy but […]

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