Clarity through compassion and coaching.

The Elmfield Institute offers robust opportunities for business coaching.

 Whether you are an individual seeking advice and direction on your career path and opportunities or a company looking for an additional leadership development resource for your team, coaching services through The Elmfield Institute go well beyond traditional executive coaching and utilize a mixture of foundational principles of depth psychology, trauma-informed neurobiology and creative business practices.

Focus and Productivity

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work and want to find a way to remain focused and productive?

Leadership Skills

Struggling with a new leadership role having come from a more technical or follower position

Find Meaning

Feeling dissatisfaction and unfulfilled, and want to be on an exciting path towards a life of meaning?

Begin an ongoing relationship with a coach from The Elmfield Institute.

  • “Your contribution has been one of the most meaningful and helpful in my career. Your team hit the mark on so many levels.”

  • “Six months with Elmfield transformed me from a manager into a leader.”

How can we help?

Coaching can be a powerful experience and an essential tool as you work to craft the direction and pathways you want your career to take.

Executive Coaching
Conscious Leadership
Mindful Management
Crisis Coaching
Career Planning

Strategic Pathway Development
Sounding Boards
Student Coaching
Career Coaching
Facilitated Group Coaching

Set your own pace.

The Elmfield Institute offers individual and group business coaching opportunities. Find the frequency that is right for you. Work with an executive coach on a bi-weekly basis or attend monthly facilitated meetings to gain a deeper understanding of shared experiences and tap into knowledge to affect change throughout your career.


Writing as a harbinger of wellness

From a young age, writing has bridged my relationship between myself and the world around me. I cannot remember exactly when I decided to become a journalist. I would say it was in my teens when the fire of puberty erupted within and spurred my wish for change, for impact, for influence as part of my entangled expression in and with the planet. Writing was a harbinger of wellness in that it funnelled somewhat confused meanderings onto a page…

Fear or Excitement?

This has been a year of upheaval, change and uncertainty. There certainly is reason to be afraid and worried about what the future will hold. At the same time, I think it is worth asking ourselves, are we truly afraid or excited? Physiologically speaking, the body doesn’t experience a difference between fear and excitement.

Evidence of the power of story in healthcare

I have never met Natoma Canfield, but I am unlikely to forget her story. Natoma is a woman with cancer who had dutifully paid her health insurance premiums over the years she was healthy but […]

Answer a few questions and find the coaching experience that is right for you.

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