Know where you are going by knowing where you are. 

A frequent tag-line of real estate agents, “location, location, location” suggests that the best location yields the highest value.  

What makes a location “best” are all those things of convenience nearby: good schools, grocery stores, parks or trails. The closer and more accessible these supports are, the more perceived value the location has.

This concept holds true for businesses also, as well as the individuals and teams which support them. 

Whether offering a literal product or service, or innovating a new program or strategy, knowing where you are, how you fit into the greater landscape, and what is nearby to support and connect you, can enhance the overall value of what you have to offer–your value.

Tapping into a full understanding of your interconnected place within the landscape–location–can enhance you as a leader, collaborator and advocate, whether for yourself, others, or the business where you work every day.

Consider this. More than a physical place, the work of location is interior. 

Finding your place has less to do with your geography and how things exist in relation to you than a deep understanding of how you, and everything around you, all fits together as one. 

Feeling through your interconnection in this framework can give you direction on not just where you are but where you go from here.

Both an attitude and a way of being, location calls on us all to understand and intentionally cultivate that shared state of mind and felt sense of place as to recognize our self-value, team-value, and overall worth.

Having an intuitive sense of your source place and the resource rich network connecting you, empowers you to recognize, amplify and tend to that place in yourself, and in others. This is what makes great leaders.

Performance metrics and targets, although important, can often underestimate true value. Although helpful in marking business progress, such measures can fall short of capturing, cultivating, and nourishing the underlying ability and creativity that make everything else possible. 

At The Elmfield Institute, whether we are working with individuals or businesses, our beginning place is your source place. We start where you are. Your location. 

With businesses, we work through a modality we call depth consulting, exploring and deeply understanding where your business is  in order to better understand where you are going. 

This is not a new concept, but instead reflective of age-old wisdom. We help companies and their leaders re-center and remember their shared locale and felt-sense of place through an immersive, illustrative analogy called Wellean Wisdom.

Designed to map the ways you and your networks listen, relate, adapt, empower, immerse, flow and tend to one another, we ask you to live the questions thoroughly before jumping too far ahead into the manufacturing of answers that may miss the value mark.

You can begin this same work by asking yourself some reflective questions about your or your business’ place in the world:

  • Who are you (people, circles of influence, areas to bridge)?  
  • On what land do you walk (inputs and outputs)? 
  • How do you move (culture, leadership, structure, process)? 
  • What do you say (communication)? 
  • Why and how do you say it (marketing, strategy, tactics)? 
  • Who is listening (audience, customer)? Where are you going (visioning, short term, long term)? 

An approach focused on harnessing the ready potential of a business’ innate locale and the rich resources found there, this process often has a catalyzing effect. Using authenticity as the spark, it propels innovation and creativity forward, perpetually bringing the full value of one’s robust potential to bear. 

This process is ongoing. More than a place, “location, location, location” is an experience. It’s a way of working and being at home with those you serve – your teams, your customers, yourselves. When “you are here” you are closest to your source place, and the higher your value becomes.