Illuminate the path to authentic alignment.

The Elmfield Institute supports organizations through a three-week teambuilding experience built on the foundation of depth psychology, trauma-informed neurobiology and creative business practices.

Our mindful approach and years of strategic experience and creative approach to business practices position us uniquely to support your teams through a thoughtful, proven and encouraging team building experience.  

Senior Consultants and Facilitators specifically chosen for your team The Elmfield Institute’s global roster of experienced business professionals will work with your organization through a three-week program that is engaging, interactive and intensive but remains unobtrusive to your business and its goals. 

Using a depth approach and shared demonstrations and experiences, we can work together with your team to bring together more awareness, understanding, engagement and alignment.

Allow us to work with your team through an innovative shared experience designed to:


Embrace and enhance your culture


Strengthen your team dynamics


Lift the veil and open channels for constructive communication


Implement a safe and supportive environment
Build trust, security, and a freedom to fail

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  • “They celebrate successes, but also give us much-needed reality checks, problem-solving support, and direct, honest, timely constructive feedback. Most importantly, they make my team feel valued, cherished and treasured.”

  • “Elmfield brings the effectiveness, education, and leadership to inspire and initiate change in people. The depth lens allows them to understand the role of the unseen in the work and people’s histories, and actually see what is really going on.”

The Elmfield Institute’s 3-week program Teambuilding Experience includes 4 key phases.

Step 1

initial meeting presented

An initial meeting presented as an interactive workshop experience, designed to engage your team, remove surface layers and illuminate the path to authentic alignment. Together, we will explore exercises and activities working with personality assessments, behavioral styles, human motivation, pain points and team dynamics.

Step 2

Culture Checkpoints

Throughout the next two weeks, we will check in with your team twice to provide feedback and direction as well as next steps for supporting the evolution of the culture and progress since the initial workshop.

Step 3

Buoyancy Plan

At the end of the three-week time frame, we will present you with a comprehensive findings report, as well as a plan to go forward, including tools, recommendations and resources tailored to your specific needs as an organization.

SEM Lines

  • Align Your Team Organically.
  • Support your team strategically.
  • Holistic Teambuilding.
  • Create a Conscious, Caring Culture
  • Relate authentically
  • Book a 3-Week Team training.

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