Being a coach is like being a gardener. When the client arrives they come with a goal in mind and are seeking support to achieve that goal. 

The work begins with establishing trust between the coach and the client. This initial process is like preparing the soil so that whatever is attempting to be grown (the goal) will have a healthy/nutrient rich environment where the growth and bloom can be full as possible. 

Preparing the soil also includes getting clear on the goal and knowing exactly what kind of plant the client wants to grow. 

After trust has been established and the goal is clear, then the work of planting the seeds for growth can begin. 

The beauty of the coaching process is that the seeds for achieving a goal are within the client. The coach uses deep inquiry and full body listening to help the client identify the right seeds that will help them grow and reach their intended goal. Just as the gardener needs to balance the amount of water, fertilizer and sun exposure for optimal growth, the coach must blend their questions, their listening and their feedback in the proportion best suited for their client to fully realize their goal.

The coach, like the gardener, must then tend to those seeds so that they sprout and grow at the right pace for the plant/goal that is being grown. The care and attention the coach brings to this process will help the client in navigating the elements that may interfere with growth. The mental and emotional blocks a client has that may be prohibiting the goal from being achieved can be like extreme weather that could affect a plant’s ability to grow strong and healthy. The coach as gardener, through their care, attention and experience helps the client to move through the extreme weather and eventually move beyond the mental and emotional blocks standing in the way of achieving the sought after goal.

Every good coach will always say that the answers a client seeks are right within the client. The masterful coach, acting like a gardener, is truly engaging in a process of cultivation. The process on the surface will look like helping one to change unproductive habits and/or move beyond mental and emotional blocks. 

Below the surface, the cultivation is like taking raw, untended soil and supporting the transformation of habits and thinking in a way that leads to the growth of the most beautiful result the client can envision for themself.