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The Elmfield Institute supports the holistic health of individuals and organisations through trainings, courses and events

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The Elmfield Institute was founded by Jane Shaw to provide courses, retreats, events and professional trainings in holistic wellbeing. All our work is based on the foundational principles of depth psychology, trauma-informed neurobiology and creative practices.

Programmes are delivered online, self-paced on demand, and in-person at the Elmfield Estate, Gilford, Co. Down N. Ireland. Our facilitators are multidisciplined experienced educators, researchers and practitioners who have learned from their academic studies but also through conscious self exploration and lived experience.

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Your Journey Is Unique

We each have different life experiences which shape who we are and how we respond to different situations.

Elmfield offers researched courses and trainings which tend to the wellbeing of individuals and communities through developing embodied awareness, resilience and adaption, and compassionate relating.

We aim to support your fullest potential.

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Online on-demand guided meditations

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Daily Sips of Wellness

This on-demand self-paced course is a series of short and simple practices designed to support your everyday wellbeing, manage anxiety and stress and to cultivate easeful joyful living.

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In Their Own Words

“It was one of the most insightful and inspiring workshops I ever attended I must say. I have been feeling its power and aura all week and it is still with me.”

Aug, 2020

Elmfield to me is like Narnia; a place where our true selves can emerge

Jan, 2021

“Great speakers and such a lovely opportunity to hear such powerful accounts of other’s experiences and perspectives. A lot of us have been wounded by our professional experiences and it is so helpful to hear other’s stories. Thank you for organising such a rich event. I am looking forward to others..”

Aug, 2020

I learned the importance of making the body feel safe in the present moment, rather than continually reliving past times

Oct, 2020

Free Resources


Can we access our compassionate witness when we mess up?

Trying replacing your inner critic with some self compassion

Audio Meditations

Guided meditation: Beginning with the breath

A guided audio meditation Short guided meditation using the breath to reduce stress and anxiety


What does it mean to be well?

Conscious awareness of the big picture and of what makes us healthy gives us more choice over what it means to be well for ourselves.

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