Illuminating the path to wellbeing

The Elmfield Institute supports the wellbeing of individuals, businesses and communities through education, consulting and events.

Leading through thought and feeling.

The Elmfield Institute is a diverse group of intuitive and compassionate business leaders and educators who share the common goal of affecting change and policy by encouraging and facilitating collective experiences and deeper understanding toward a greater purpose.

Through our varied knowledge, consciously-driven life experience and proven record of impact, we support individuals, businesses and communities by embracing shifts that lead to seeing beyond the ordinary and illuminating a path to wellbeing.

We lead collaboratively through thought, feeling and an intuitive wisdom to deliver shared knowledge, education, training and consulting based on the foundational principles of depth psychology, trauma-informed neurobiology and creative business practices.

Learning is a shared experience. Consulting is a sacred act. Together, we are illuminating the path to wellbeing.




Your journey is unique.

We don’t have the answers. You do. There is not one solution–there is your solution.

The Elmfield Institute listens and supports you to engage more deeply, relate more authentically, and embrace the realities which form your uniqueness.

As we journey closer to Source, what we learn from working together will strengthen us all.

Together, we are illuminating
the path to wellbeing.

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Why Coaching Works

Recently, I was talking with a client about relationship challenges he’s been having with his housemate. After summarizing the conversation and telling me about some of the recurring conflicts, he asked, “What if I’m the problem?”

What You Notice Becomes Your Life

Poet Michael Chitwood once wrote, “What you notice becomes your life.” What we bring awareness to has a way of gifting us things we may otherwise be unaware of. Even the loving, challenging, hard and painful “gifts” are so essential to our ongoing vitality, growth, and overall fitness of heart and mind.

The Coach as Gardner

Being a coach is like being a gardener. When the client arrives they come with a goal in mind and are seeking support to achieve that goal. The work begins with establishing trust between the coach and the client. This initial process is like preparing the soil so that whatever is attempting to be grown (the goal) will have a healthy/nutrient rich environment where the growth and bloom can be full as possible.

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