A Return to Source

Providing wellbeing training programmes and business consulting for individuals, communities and businesses

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The Elmfield Institute is a group of multitalented international individuals who believe that together we can make the world well. Embedded in this belief is the idea that there are multiple definitions of and approaches to what it means to be well—a deep sense of cohesiveness inherent to human and non-human organisms and structures. Thus, we aim to impact the world by acting as transformational agents attuned to returning to the Source of wellness in ourselves, which organically enables others to do the same.

To support this vision, we deliver researched training programmes—participatory workshops, content focused seminars, certification trainings, and special events—that supply the tools and know-how to tend to wellness processes and foster emerging ideas;

employ a multi-disciplinary form of business consulting that is committed to engaging and expressing each client’s full potential;

produce artistic activations—creative, often multi-model, and transformational collective experiences—that deepen a cohesive sense of ourselves and, reciprocally, the culture and world we inhabit.

We deliver our programmes, consulting and activations both at our hub Elmfield Courtyard, Co. Down, Northern Ireland and across the globe, to groups of individuals, to professionals, to businesses and to community groups.


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