Illuminating the path to wellbeing

The Elmfield Institute supports the wellbeing of individuals, businesses and communities through education, consulting and events.

Personal and professional development

The Elmfield Institute was founded by Jane Shaw to provide professional trainings, courses, retreats and events in holistic wellbeing. All our work is based on the foundational principles of depth psychology, trauma-informed neurobiology and creative practices.

Programmes are delivered online, both self-paced and blended, and in-person at the Elmfield Estate, Gilford, Co. Down N. Ireland. Our facilitators are multidisciplined experienced educators, researchers and practitioners who have learned from their academic studies but also through conscious self exploration and lived experience.



Your journey is unique.

We each have different life experiences which shape who we are and how we respond to specific situations. Therefore we each have a different path to wellbeing.

The Elmfield Institute offers researched courses and trainings which tend to the holistic health of individuals and communities through developing embodied awareness, resilience and adaption, and compassionate relating.

We aim to support your fullest potential.

Together, we are illuminating
the path to wellbeing.

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Guided meditation: midline grounding

A guided audio mediation

Social isolation affects us all

Social isolation affects us all, albeit in different ways. Dobzhansky (1962) said that “the fittest may also be the gentlest, because survival often requires mutual help and co-operation.” This speaks to how we can support ourselves through our relationships with others, even if this has to be online or by phone.

Fear, trust and hope. What we learned through The Power of Story

In our recent online event The Power of Story, Molly Sturges asked, “How can I be a good ancestor?” What can we each do to contribute to a better, more ‘well’ society? Throughout the last seven weeks we have heard twenty-one different people share their personal and professional stories, uncovering what it might mean to be a well society. Each week we focused on a different area of society, from law and order to healthcare, from climate justice to the arts, to the media, youth and leadership. It was a rich and powerful conversation.

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