The Art of Having no Idea: An interactive evening with Laurence Shorter

A creative take on life and work that will leave you relaxed, curious and excited

In this difficult and transformative time, our careers, our businesses and the world we live in have never been more in need of fresh thinking. What motivates us? When do we have our moments of genius? How could this all be easier? Laurence has spent much of his life asking these questions. His conclusion: Using the thoughts you already have to create a new world is like hoping the same old puzzle pieces will make an entirely new picture. Instead we go into the ‘no idea space’, what David Lynch calls ‘catching the big fish’.

A guide to life, the universe and everything wrapped up as a workshop on creativity – and a provocation to look at the world of work in a completely new way. Drawing on ideas and practices from his books The Optimist and The Lazy Guru’s Guide to Life, Laurence will lead you closer on the journey towards creative recovery and inspiration.

Laurence Shorter

Laurence Shorter is a leadership coach, author and speaker. His career journey has taken him from McKinsey consultant & dotcom entrepreneur to best-selling writer and stand-up comedian. In his quest to understand the secrets of happiness, he has authored The Optimist (featuring interviews with Desmond Tutu, Richard Branson and many others), performed his own one-man show about coaching at the Edinburgh Festival and created the Lazy Guru’s Guide to Life, the world’s first cartoon guide to mindfulness and flow.

Today Laurence consults to global organisations, coaching leaders and performing his own brand of stand-up therapy at festivals and gatherings all over the world. Laurence specializes in facilitating immersive events that give people a direct experience of the intelligent, self-organizing principle of the Universe for themselves.His work safely liberates the flow of peace, optimism and genius in teams and individuals alike.

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13 May 2021


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm






Laurence Shorter
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