The Wellean™ Approach

Together we make the world Well

A Methodology

The Wellean™ Approach represents the Elmfield Institute’s foundational principles and guiding ethos. It is a methodology based upon qualities from diverse fields including depth psychology, neurobiology, empathic presence, business leadership and creative practices.

Foundational Principles

Listening - Establish a witnessing embodied presence that facilitates active attentiveness towards self and others (human and non-human alike).

Relating - Form reciprocal streams of connection through awareness, compassion, and empathy to engage and tend the field of personal and collective interactions.

Adapting - Foster resilience by strengthening the capacity to consistently differentiate, normalize, and recover from difficult experiences.

Empowering - Equip oneself and others with the aptitude to make choices and realize intentions.

Immersing - Engage deeply with inner and outer resources to dynamically harness creativity and enable new ways of being and expressing; provoke emergence.

Flowing - Align with the movement that comes from accommodating impermanence, change, and transformation.

Tending - Return to the Source by consciously nurturing, pooling, and embodying the seven Wellean™ principles.

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