Wellean Wisdom Practices Training for Businesses

The Elmfield Institute offers a variety of training opportunities for your business and team to engage in conscious and creative approaches to business practices that can enhance your ability to reach your goals.

Our two-day Wellean Wisdom Practices for Business intensive training seminar includes demonstrations and experiences related to the shared knowledge of Wellean Wisdom, ancient shared principals that make up the ethos of The Elmfield Institute.

Strengthen your organization

Shift your mindset

Clear the way for growth

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Integrate your organization with better practices for:


Establish a witnessing embodied presence that facilitates active attentiveness towards self and others (human and non-human alike).


Form reciprocal streams of connection through awareness, compassion, and empathy to engage and tend the field of personal and collective interactions.


Foster resilience by strengthening the capacity to consistently differentiate, normalize, and recover from difficult experiences.


Equip oneself and others with the aptitude to make choices and realize intentions.


Engage deeply with inner and outer resources to dynamically harness creativity and enable new ways of being and expressing; provoke emergence.


Align with the movement that comes from accommodating impermanence, change, and transformation.


Return to Source by consciously nurturing, pooling and embodying the seven Wellean™ streams of wisdom.

  • “I would like to recognize Elmfield’s work to improve our culture company-wide. They bring discipline and open dialog to the process of better integrating values to the tools we use.”

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Invite key members of your team to participate in an experiential training opportunity to grow closer as a team and shift your mindset to one that helps support the most ideal setting for creation, innovation, growth and success. 

Our workshops are specifically designed to connect with you and your team authentically and support the shared experience of learning together, no matter where we are. Training can take place virtually or in-person. Ask us for the safest and most supportive option for your organization. 


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